Capri Ballet Shoes - Chestnut
Capri Ballet Shoes - Chestnut

Capri Ballet Shoes - Chestnut

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Handmade from soft leather


AU3 = 11.8cm in length with flexible sole

AU4 = 12.6cm in length with flexible sole

AU5 = 13.4cm in length with hard sole.

AU6 = 14.2cm in length with hard sole.

AU7 = 15cm in length with hard sole.

AU8 = 15.8cm in length with hard sole.


Please make sure you will measure your little one's feet correctly, adding 0.5cm to their foot length to allow for wiggle room & growth.
Please follow our guide how to measuring your little feet:
You’ll need: a piece of paper, pencil, ruler, and to be wearing a sock.
  1. Sitting down, place the piece of paper under your foot
  2. Use the pencil to trace around your foot, ensuring you hold the pencil as straight up and down as possible
  3. Measure the distance between the base of your heel and the tip of your largest toe using the ruler
  4. This measurement is your foot length, which can then be used to determine your shoe size
Please note, this is just a guide.